Weapon Selected

So for the third challenge over at P2PU, they have you select a text editor to get familiar with and use as your default/main editor. I think that’s a good idea, and jumped right on in to the exercise. I selected conTEXT as my editor, chiefly for the reason that they provide more support when it comes to being on the go. I’ve done some light work on Notepad, but never got into coding enough to need my own special text editor. ConTEXT doesn’t necessarily have better features than its’ rivals, but it does have more mobility. I mean, right there on the front page they have a portable version of their editor that you can download to a USB key! I don’t lnow about you, but that works for me. So that’s what I went with. To check out conTEXT, visit their website:



Wrote Some Code!!!

So I’ve written code before, but not like this… The second challenge over at the wonderful school of Webcraft is writing your first code, and the lesson they are trying to teach is that some tags are so important they should be memorized and written in code form repeatedly. So that’s what I did. Grabbed a notebook, sat down, and wrote it out. Took me about 4 tries to really get it right, with no errors. I found the exercise fun, because it’s been a while since I’ve been assigned any type of homework, even something this easy…  ;P

Can’t wait for the next Challenge! Bring it on, Mozilla!

The Journey Begins…

So I didn’t create this blog with the purpose of sharing in mind, but if you do happen to stumble across it I suppose I should explain who I am, and what I’m doing. (I have to do that anyways as a lil homework assignment, but I’ll tell you about that in due time) My name is Jake Rodio, and I am a wandering writer who is hoping to become as talented with a keyboard as I am with a pen. I’m 23 years old, I’ve lived in 10 different cities in 7 different states, I have the attention span of an untrained puppy, and I love to travel. That being said, it can be difficult for me at times to focus on one thing for a long period of time. But I’m trying now, and I need the focus more than ever. Because my latest endeavor requires you to stay sharp, for one little error could topple your entire masterpiece. I’m talking about writing code, of course.

Programming has always interested me, because I was one of the lucky children who was in their teens when the internet went public and really took off. I remember many funny old tricks that are lost to the high school students of today. First it was happily browsing with Netscape Navigator, then AOL briefly rose above all competition to be America‘s one-stop shop for all internet related activities. Now, of course, things are a bit different.

What really aroused my curiousity was when Myspace first came out; when social networking was born. You used to be able to do all kinds of cool things to your Myspace profile, all you needed was to know a little bit of HTML. So I went out and learned the basics, and my borders and backgrounds became cooler than everyone elses’. Since then, I’ve picked up a few new tips from blogging and such, but remain largely uneducated. And so I’m taking steps to change that. Enter the P2PU/Mozilla School of Webcraft.

The Mozilla School of Webcraft is an excellent online resource with all kinds of tutorials, challenges, and activites you can do to help you become a better programmer. I’ve actually just begun the challenges myself, and the first one is an introductory challenge that requires you to start a blog, write an intro post, and share it with some friends. (This is the homework previously referred to) And so that’s what I’m doing here!

That should do it for now. Stay tuned if you’re a fellow apprentice codemaster, or if you’re interested on watching a budding young code artist turn into a full fledged master programmer. Because that’s kind of what I’m hoping to accomplish here. Alright world, until next time…